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Working with teens

trish brimhall nutritious intent

Trisha is an incredible Nutritionist.

"Trisha is an incredible nutritionist. She assists our adolescent students in a Residential Treatment Program. Trisha provides a wide variety of care for those with eating disorders, specialized diets, or unhealthy eating habits. She uses collaborative care to ensure that each individual student is cared for, and she

is an essential part of our team."

-Taylor, RN-BSN, DON
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trish brimhall nutritious intent

Open Discussions

It’s not a question of if, but WHEN kids are exposed to disordered eating. Disordered eating and chronic dieting is starting at younger ages - early elementary school aged kiddos are starting to diet, restrict and binge. This is something we need to discuss openly with kids.

Reduce The Risk

Just like how talking to your kids about the dangers of drugs doesn’t make them more likely to do drugs, but reduces their personal risk of such behaviors, the same holds true for any addictive behavior and that includes disordered eating behaviors. The problem is that many adults model that behavior unknowingly for their children.  We need to open up the communication about this growing group of disorders. When working with residential treatment facilities I teach classes, run healthy eating therapy groups, and consult one on one with children who are dealing with disordered eating behaviors, body dysmorphia and a lot of other mental/emotional challenges. I also chart individual consults, seeing myself as a true partner with the facility and teens I work with. 

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Loving food is a healthy part of loving life.

Trish Brimhall

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