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Food Relationship: One of the Longest of Your Life

What relationship starts before you're born and goes until you die? Yep - your relationship with food. We have many relationships in our life, and some are more critical than others. For example, you may not have the best relationship with your obnoxious second cousin but that may not affect your life too much since you only see them every other Thanksgiving. Your relationship with food however is much higher on the critical-to-daily-life scale. It is a relationship you face multiple times per day. It isn’t just key to your survival, but also has a strong bearing on mental clarity, mood stability, and physical wellbeing. So, what kind of relationship do you have? Chances are that this relationship is complicated with a history of positive and negative interactions. Add to that the discouraging voices on social media, input from other people within your sphere, and a near-constant stream of misinformation regarding what, when, where, why, and how you are or should be eating – no surprise that dysfunctional likely comes to mind when we consider our relationship with food. First step to improving that relationship is to start paying attention to the way you feel, think, and speak about food. When those verbs and descriptive adjectives are applied to a relationship scenario you may begin to get a clearer picture of just how healthy or unhealthy your current relationship is. Stay tuned for more insights and tips on healing that longest of relationships.

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