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When it comes to beverage, be wary - very wary

There are so many new drink choices finding their way onto our grocery store shelves, but just because it is available, looks tasty, and promises health benefits doesn't make them a good choice. Here are some short tips to help you navigate beverage selection to maintain optimal health and avoid the hype.

  • Drink water. (Need I say more?)

  • If it's trending on social media a red-flag should go off in your brain. Be aware that marketing via health benefit claims (health halo) and over-promising while under-delivering are par for the course.

  • Drink water (nope this is not a cut and paste type-o)

  • Sweeteners of any and all kind can cause insulin spikes, negatively affect your GI's microbiome and grow your sweet tooth. Drinking something sweet should be the occasional exception not the rule or routine.

  • Drink water. (is it sinking in yet?)

  • Probiotic sodas and drinks may sound magical, but know that getting probiotics from natural food sources and consumed at a meal are generally going to be a better GI-health option.

  • Drink water (go ahead - pause your blog reading and go get some plain water)

  • Sports and energy drinks are blurring the line between the two. Be very cautious of excess caffeine amounts, hidden sources such as matcha or yerba mate,. If you are relying on external caffeine as your energy source to make it through your day or workout - you may want to rethink how often you reach for an exocgenous energy boost. Caffeine is the most widely used psychoactive substance in North America. Hmmm. Maybe we should rethink that a bit.

  • Drink water. I hope you got the main message here: make water your go-to beverage!

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